Resonance Conveyors

Designed to convey products in long lengths for all types of solid materials.

  • Powered by an electric motor .
  • Non limitation in lenght
  • Manufactured in different sections: circular, rectangular, etc ..
  • Possibility of cooling different products during the transportation.
  • Different coatings according to needs.
  • Low consumption
  • Different possibilities depending on the applications

Five models depending on the application:

  • NFCH Heavy Series.
    • o Designed for jobs such as casting parts and sand. Big flows
  • NFCC Heavy Series.
    • Balance out conveyor
  • NFCM Medium series .
    • Transport of pieces of aluminum, slugs, limestone or others. Medium flows
  • NFCL Light  Series.
    • Transport of all types of light materials.
  • NFCB Light Series.
    • Applications for the food, chemical, glass or other industries.