Vibrotech Engineering S.L., performs the design and manufacture of a wide range of vibrating screens, such as circular screens, elastic mesh screens, statistical or probabilistic screens and linear screens.

Its application for the selection and separation of diverse materials makes them very versatile, being able to be used in different industrial sectors.

The different drives used by our technical department: motor vibrators, eccentric shafts with adjustable masses or gearbox exciters, allow to manufacture screens and sieves  for several  applications.

Some of the application sectors are:

  • Quarries, gravel pits and aggregate plants in general.
  • Mining
  • Recycling of all kind of products
  • Food industries ceramics, chemical industry .. etc

Screening machinery (vibrating screens, sievers):

  • Circular vibrating screens
  • Linear vibrating screens
  • Vibrating screens driven by an eccentric shaft with adjustable masses.
  • Multi-desk screens.
  • Statistic or probabilistic screens.
  • Vibrating screens powered by electric vibrators.
  • Screens driven with gear boxes.
  • Flip-flop screens.
  • Elastic mesh vibrating screens