and steel

Vibrotech Engineering, S. L., manufactures vibrating machinery for all kind of ferrous and non-ferrous foundries for the different processes: charge to furnaces, ferroalloys dosing installations, metal and sand  conveying lines,  all kind of shake out  systems, shot blasting charges,etc … all of them capable of achieving the highest perfrmance.

Vibrating machinery
for ferrous and
non-ferrous foundries.

  • Furnaces chargers for all kind of furnaces: Induction, rotatives, rebervatories,…
  • Automatic ferroalloys installations for stocking, dosing and weighing the additives. First and refining dosage.
  • Vibrating machinery for vertical and horizontal moulding lines:
    • Mold dump conveyor.
    • Faulty moulds extractor
    • Resonance conveyors
    • All kind of feeders: electromechanical , electromagnetics and natural frequency for any applications.
    • Shake outs systems: shake out conveyor,  shake out tables, etc..
    • Shot blasting chargers: single or double movement.
    • Conveyors to collect the sand under SBC and AMC
    • Vibrating machinery in foundries with manual process: shake out tables, conveyors  to pick the sand up under the shake outs..
  • Vibrating machinery for non ferrous foundries: rotative and reverbatories furnaces charger cars, additives installations, aluminium slug or scrap  up reclamation.
  • Turn key projects in foundries

Machinery for
several applications
in steel plants

Vibrating machinery for scrap metal cleaning plants, as well as electromagnetic or electromechanical vibratory feeders and conveyors for ferro-alloy installations in the blending process.

Vibrating machinery
for automatic
moulding lines