Glass Industry

The glass industries processes present high demands on the performance, safety and reliability of machines.

Vibrotech vibrating machines are proving to be ideal for all sorts of technical applications.

We transport, screen and dose bulk goods of all kinds of products in this industry.

Main applications:

  • Electromechanical and electromagnetic discharge feeders for composition area and movement of raw material, limestone, silica, culet, etc.
  • Raw material discharge feeders from the silos.
  • Dosing in the composition area with electromagnetic discharge feeders.
  • Dosage to enforner with vibrating conveyors.
  • Vibrating conveyors for rejection of hot glass and shipping to redler.
  • Vibrators and pneumatic knockers to solve flow problems in the hoppers.

Machinery for glass recycling:

  • All kind of screens multidesk, linear, circular, etc …
  • Statistic or probabilistic screens.
  • Flip flop screens.
  • Fluid bed dryers
  • Vibrating Conveyors
  • Densimetric tables
  • Optical sorters


  • Discharge feeders: electromagnetics and electromechanics drives.
  • Vibrating conveyors: electromagnetic, electromechanics and natural frequency system.
  • Vibrating elevators.
  • Fluid bed systems (dryers and coolers).
  • Densimetric tables.
  • Screens
    • Linear and circular screens.
    • Multi-Desk screens.
    • Screens driven by unbalanced motors.
    • Screens driven by exciters.
    • Flip-flop screens.
  • Dewatering machines
  • Compactation tables.
  • Special applications.
  • Optical sorters.
  • Pneumatic vibrators