Vibrating Elevators

Vibrating Elevators are the ideal substitute for bucket elevators. Its easy maintenance, because they are only actuated by two vibrators, the ease in cleaning its surface and its small space, make the vibratory elevators are the perfect application to elevate different products vertically.

Generally the vibrating elevators are the substitute of bucket elevators or lifting belts, since they offer multiple advantages in terms of maintenance, cleaning or surface they occupy.

This type of vibratory elevators are manufactured in standard sizes of 500-700-1,000-1,200 and 1,500 mm in diameter depending on the flow rate to be lifted. The elevation heights exceed 9 meters. The surface needed to raise a product to 9 meters high can be only 1 square meter.

This type of vibrating elevators are suitable for different types of sectors such as food, chemical, ceramic or pharmaceutical. Also in some cases to raise metal parts or sand for the steel industry.