Cooling drum


The cooling drum is a machine designed to continuously process casting molds. Its work is to remove the sand from the pieces, break the slugs, cool both the sand and the pieces and deliver the pieces and the sand separately, homogenizing the sand to be processed for reuse.

In this way, the pieces come out from the front, while the sand is extracted from the final part (perforated plate) to unload the demoulding drum, driving it towards the sandbox, for its subsequent treatment.


  • Characteristics


    • Reduced cooling times of pieces and sand.
    • Effective combination between the demolding of the pieces as well as breakage and homogenization of the sand in a single process.
    • Complete integration with the automatic molding line.
    • Extreme heavy construction.

    • Low maintenance costReduced cooling times of pieces and sand.Reduced cooling times of pieces and sand.


Metal outlet temperature:

 The exit temperature of the metal ranges between 65º C and 90 ° C, taking into account an entry temperature of  750 ° C approx. These factors also depend on the type of part to be processed.

Temperature output of the sand:

 The exit temperature of the sand ranges between 40º C and 50ºC with an approximate humidity index of 1.5%.

Depending on the room temperature, the temperature can be reduced.

 Standard :                                                                                                                                           

Model 2000 2400 2900 3200 3400 3800 4200
Sand and metal capacity (tons/h) 15 25 55 65 93 145 210
Diameter (D) mm 2.000 2.400 2.900 3.200 3.400 3.800 4.200
Lenght (L) mm 9.000 9.500 12.600 12.600 15.500 19.500 21.900
Power (KW) 15 22 45 60 88 160 230

 *We can manufacturer others dimensions under order confirmation.